Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have you HUGGED your DAD today?

Well, I promised I would update everyone when I found out more information about my Dad. So, here we go.

My Step-dad has not been feeling well for a few weeks. He has not been able to swallow or keep down any solid food. He went to the doctor to get checked out. They found out that he has esophageal cancer.

Today, we learned that the mass is a slow growing cancer. That is good news. It means that he may still be eligible for surgery to remove it.

If he has the surgery and can recover from that, there is hope. If he is not a candidate for surgery, we might have five months with him.

So, I am trying to decide what to do now. I am definately going to Las Vegas. I have to be there by next Saturday for my sister's graduation (her Master's YAY!) Mom and Layne are coming to Houston for the surgery, because this hospital is the best for this type of cancer. I am just having a very difficult time keeping myself cool, calm, and collected. It is always easy to jump in and help out when you are not directly related to the person in questionable health. But, this is so different. This is MY family.

I just cannot get my head wrapped around this. I cannot believe this healthy YOUNG man is sick. It doesn't seem real at all. He was a little younger than I am now when he married my mom. I cannot imagine being in her shoes. They will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in July. They have three sons still living at home. My youngest brother is 13.

For all of my customers, I hope that you will hang in there with me and be patient. I promise that your orders will be shipped out. I may be only shipping one or two days a week for a little while. Dear husband has offered to take over the processing of orders. So, if you see a pattern or fabric you want, do not hesitate to order.

Thank you for all of your support. I will update when I find out more.



  1. Your family will be in my prayers. I went through this, too, with my father... he had a liver & kidney transplant. Not knowing what is going to happen, if he'll be able to have this or that done, waiting, waiting, waiting for test results. It's all very stressful and I'm so sorry you have to go through it, too. Hang in there!

  2. Sending tons of well wishes your family's way. Hang in there, stay strong.

    I know it is hard, btdt.