Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Good Afternoon Everyone...

I have been meaning to update you all on what has been happening lately, but just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I don't really know what is going on and so I have felt without much information to blog about, it would be pointless.

My father and mother went to Houston for about one week.  While they were there, they met with my Dad's treatment team.  They have some of the best doctors in the world.  I know that if anyone can help my dad get better, they can.  

At first, the news was not good.  The cancer is already in stage four, which is the final stage.  He was given only months to live.  It is in one part of the esophagaus and three lymph nodes.  When the met with their doctors in Houston, they were much more optimistic than the doctors in Las Vegas.  But, near the end of the week, one of the doctors told my parents that the tumor in the one lymph node is too large to operate on.  

This news totally crushed all of us.  Without the surgery, Dad has very limited time.  

Mom would not accept this news and spoke with the surgeon who said that she WOULD be able to operate.  

Dad had his first chemo treatment about a week and a half ago.  It is already showing it's effects, but he seems to be taking it better than expected.  They came home and he has already been back at work.  His second chemo treatment will be this Friday.  So far, it seems to make him very tired.  

I have come to realize that I cannot do anything to help my family right now, so I must return home to Texas to be with my husband.  He has been patiently waiting for my arrival for almost a month now.

I am so grateful for everyones thoughts and prayers.  I know they are working.  God does hear them.  I can honestly say that, because even though I could have a better relationship with him, he still blesses my life everyday.

As far as my little fabric shop, CutterGurl Creations is still going strong.  I am grateful to have the ability to bring my business with me everywhere I travel, when needed.  My customers are some of my biggest supporters and best friends during this time in my life.  Thank you!

I will be adding some new sewing patterns from Anna Maria at the end of the summer.  I have also started carrying Aurifil thread.  This is some of the most wonderful thread and it comes straight from Italy!

If you do place an order today through Sunday, please be patient as there may be a shipping delay while I travel home.  

I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as well.  Thank you for the love and support.   

Until next time, HAPPY SEWING!

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