Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have you HUGGED your DAD today?

Well, I promised I would update everyone when I found out more information about my Dad. So, here we go.

My Step-dad has not been feeling well for a few weeks. He has not been able to swallow or keep down any solid food. He went to the doctor to get checked out. They found out that he has esophageal cancer.

Today, we learned that the mass is a slow growing cancer. That is good news. It means that he may still be eligible for surgery to remove it.

If he has the surgery and can recover from that, there is hope. If he is not a candidate for surgery, we might have five months with him.

So, I am trying to decide what to do now. I am definately going to Las Vegas. I have to be there by next Saturday for my sister's graduation (her Master's YAY!) Mom and Layne are coming to Houston for the surgery, because this hospital is the best for this type of cancer. I am just having a very difficult time keeping myself cool, calm, and collected. It is always easy to jump in and help out when you are not directly related to the person in questionable health. But, this is so different. This is MY family.

I just cannot get my head wrapped around this. I cannot believe this healthy YOUNG man is sick. It doesn't seem real at all. He was a little younger than I am now when he married my mom. I cannot imagine being in her shoes. They will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in July. They have three sons still living at home. My youngest brother is 13.

For all of my customers, I hope that you will hang in there with me and be patient. I promise that your orders will be shipped out. I may be only shipping one or two days a week for a little while. Dear husband has offered to take over the processing of orders. So, if you see a pattern or fabric you want, do not hesitate to order.

Thank you for all of your support. I will update when I find out more.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Arrivals and Promotion Winners

Hello and I hope you are all having a great week!

Our newest fabrics have finally arrived. Check out the Hot Blossoms line from Robert Kaufman fabrics. They are lovely floral prints that have a very vintage feel. They would make an awesome handbag, dress, or quilt! Why not make one of each to match, if it is too hard to choose?

I offer full yard cuts, half yard cuts, and fat quarter bundles. If you are interested in a custom order, contact me to combine shipping and save. Also, I offer international shipping. You don't see a price for your area? Not a problem. Just let me know where and I can get you a quote.

Also, a big congratulations to the wonderful Mrs. Kittee and Mrs. Allen for being the winners of April's customer appreciation giveaway. They will both receive their choice of one yard of fabric or one sewing pattern FREE!!!

Keep an eye on this spot for updates on promotions, additions, and much more.


In a matter totally unrelated to business, to all of my friends out there, please keep my Dad and my family in your prayers. We just received news that he is dealing with some health issues and we all need your love and support. Thanks!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clearing Clutter

Since it will be midnight by the time I am done writing this, I will say Happy Friday. I hope you have all had a great week! I have had a pretty good week. I cannot complain.

I was able to take dear son to the park this week. He loves the park because it is right next to the library. I love it because after we are done playing, sometimes he "lets" me check out a few books. I found quite a few good ones.

One that I hope you get a chance to read is called Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke. What an amazing perspective on clearing clutter from your home, office, and your life in general.

Her website is great. If you think you might need some inspiration to clear your clutter, check it out. Read her blogs.

My favorite statement in this book has really come at a perfect time in my life. I have found myself thinking about the last ten years of my life. All the things I had wanted for my life in high school. The way I wanted to look. The car I wanted to drive. The job I would have. Where I would live. Who I would be romantically linked to or married to. With my ten year reunion coming this summer, I am overwhelmed with the thought that I cannot and will not measure up with my classmates.

Boy, isn't it funny how things work out? Never quite like we plan.

I would have never dreamed that I would be somewhere other than Las Vegas (where I grew up). I certainly never wanted to be a stay at home mom and married to a military man. Not that those are bad things. I just wanted to break some molds, maybe be a little less traditional. I wanted to be a career woman. Independent. Trendy. Hopefully independently wealthy (I am that, but wealthy in ways other than monetarily). Travel the world. (I am doing that, just a little differently than planned). One can dream right?

Tonight, we took dear son to his first carnival. It brought back so many memories of when I was young. I looked at how much fun my kiddo was having and how grown up he looks at three years old. I realized that even though I am not a rich supermodel who drives the most expensive car and lives in a mansion, I am one of the most incredibly blessed people in this world.

I have the love of a child.

This kid loves me know matter what I have or have not accomplised. No matter what I look like. I am always beautiful to him. No matter how cranky I am. He always wants to hang out with mom. He knows he can depend on me. That I love him. I will support him and protect him. For being so young, he has such a huge amount of faith in me. That is really motivating.

So, like I was saying. The statement from Gail's book that really got me thinking was in regards to throwing out our mental mess. She talks about how everyone at many points in their lives will compare themselves to someone else. I am SUPER guilty of this. It really accomplishes nothing. I try to tell myself it keeps me on track, but it really just brings me down.

From now on, I will have to reprogram my mind with the thought "I will NOT compare myself with others, nor them with me. I will appreciate myself and others for what I and they contribute."

Because we are all different for a reason. If we were all the same, this world would be pretty BORING.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Town Hall for Hope

Happy Monday to Everyone!

Hope your holiday was relaxing and you were able to have time to reflect.

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey's radio show. If you have not heard about this event, Dave is hosting a Town Hall for Hope meeting next Thursday.

This is going to be a great opportunity to hear Dave's advice for FREE!!! Go to his website to find a host site in your area. He will be talking about YOUR finances, the economy, and how we can get through this without the brainwashing and hysteria the media wants us to follow like a bunch of SHEEP.

Currently, there are no host sites in my area, which is rather disappointing. I am hoping that someone will step up to the plate and volunteer to be a host site. It is FREE to host and FREE to attend! Check it out.

Have a great week Y'all!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sale!! Anna Maria Horner Products

Hello and Happy Tuesday.

Tomorrow, Dear Husband is going out of town for a few days on a hunting trip with "the guys" and I am celebrating by having a sale!

So, in honor of all men being men and insisting they HAVE to hunt, fish, burp, fart, watch sports, Nascar, and SNORE, here is to them and their wallets.

Let us SHOP! Yeah!

All of my Anna Maria Horner Sewing Patterns and Good Folks fabrics have been dicounted. If you would like a custom order such as fat quarters, fat eighths, yardage, etc please let me know. I will be happy to complete that for you.

Have fun! Talk to you later.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

There are so many people who are talented and crafty when it comes to creating art on a budget.

Quilters are obviously at the top of the list, since so many of us have started quilting out of necessity. I know that every generation of my family that has quilted did so using old clothing, old bedding, linens, scrap fabric, fabric from other peoples collections, whatever they could get their hands on and while they were creating these necessary items, they put a little extra love into them and they were also beautiful pieces of art.

There are alot of other people who for one reason or another have decided to reuse what most of us might have thrown out and have turned something once again into a useful item. I have decided to list some of MY personal favorites.

This guy is one talented and creative fellow. Instead of letting these bottles end up in our landfills, he turns them into reusable drinking glasses that have a sentimental feeling to them. Check out his Etsy store, I am sure that he would be glad to create a custom order for you. Did you have a rockin' party last week and you want to make some souvenirs?

This shop is great because it is not only keeping trash out of the landfill and turning that trash into art that is REALLY awesome and cute, but they are donating their profits to a great children's cause.

You will find hundreds of other people on Etsy and other sites who are doing great things with everyday items. Check them out!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hello and Happy Thursday.

This week has been rather uneventful so far.

We did have one car in the shop and now it has come home from it's refreshing spa-like retreat. After a $500 pampering, she should be good as new. Until next week.

I had a visit with my favorite man in the whole world (other than dear hubby) my Dentist! Yes I know, not normally exciting for most people. But, I love my dentist. He knows how to make me feel better. I go in with pain and come out with a big fat face, one root canal, and still high on Nitrous-Oxide. Lovely stuff.

Next week will be exciting. Dear hubby has been waiting for weeks to go on a hunting trip with his buddies. And now it is upon us. I am so ready for them to go so that I don't have to hear about all their man talk anymore. I hope they have fun and I hope they keep each other up all night with their burping, farting, scratching, and snoring.

I will be visiting family and friends in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas and cannot wait! :) Hopefully no man talk. Hopefully no snoring.

Be sure to check out all the lastest additions to CutterGurl Creations when you get a moment. There is NEW Anna Maria fabric arriving daily. Her Good Folks line is definately her most awesome line yet. Also, if you want to sew up a new tote or clutch for the Spring, check out her sewing patterns! I have several in stock. Order one for you and one for your best friend, so she won't ask to borrow yours!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!