Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clearing Clutter

Since it will be midnight by the time I am done writing this, I will say Happy Friday. I hope you have all had a great week! I have had a pretty good week. I cannot complain.

I was able to take dear son to the park this week. He loves the park because it is right next to the library. I love it because after we are done playing, sometimes he "lets" me check out a few books. I found quite a few good ones.

One that I hope you get a chance to read is called Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke. What an amazing perspective on clearing clutter from your home, office, and your life in general.

Her website is great. If you think you might need some inspiration to clear your clutter, check it out. Read her blogs.

My favorite statement in this book has really come at a perfect time in my life. I have found myself thinking about the last ten years of my life. All the things I had wanted for my life in high school. The way I wanted to look. The car I wanted to drive. The job I would have. Where I would live. Who I would be romantically linked to or married to. With my ten year reunion coming this summer, I am overwhelmed with the thought that I cannot and will not measure up with my classmates.

Boy, isn't it funny how things work out? Never quite like we plan.

I would have never dreamed that I would be somewhere other than Las Vegas (where I grew up). I certainly never wanted to be a stay at home mom and married to a military man. Not that those are bad things. I just wanted to break some molds, maybe be a little less traditional. I wanted to be a career woman. Independent. Trendy. Hopefully independently wealthy (I am that, but wealthy in ways other than monetarily). Travel the world. (I am doing that, just a little differently than planned). One can dream right?

Tonight, we took dear son to his first carnival. It brought back so many memories of when I was young. I looked at how much fun my kiddo was having and how grown up he looks at three years old. I realized that even though I am not a rich supermodel who drives the most expensive car and lives in a mansion, I am one of the most incredibly blessed people in this world.

I have the love of a child.

This kid loves me know matter what I have or have not accomplised. No matter what I look like. I am always beautiful to him. No matter how cranky I am. He always wants to hang out with mom. He knows he can depend on me. That I love him. I will support him and protect him. For being so young, he has such a huge amount of faith in me. That is really motivating.

So, like I was saying. The statement from Gail's book that really got me thinking was in regards to throwing out our mental mess. She talks about how everyone at many points in their lives will compare themselves to someone else. I am SUPER guilty of this. It really accomplishes nothing. I try to tell myself it keeps me on track, but it really just brings me down.

From now on, I will have to reprogram my mind with the thought "I will NOT compare myself with others, nor them with me. I will appreciate myself and others for what I and they contribute."

Because we are all different for a reason. If we were all the same, this world would be pretty BORING.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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