Monday, April 6, 2009

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

There are so many people who are talented and crafty when it comes to creating art on a budget.

Quilters are obviously at the top of the list, since so many of us have started quilting out of necessity. I know that every generation of my family that has quilted did so using old clothing, old bedding, linens, scrap fabric, fabric from other peoples collections, whatever they could get their hands on and while they were creating these necessary items, they put a little extra love into them and they were also beautiful pieces of art.

There are alot of other people who for one reason or another have decided to reuse what most of us might have thrown out and have turned something once again into a useful item. I have decided to list some of MY personal favorites.

This guy is one talented and creative fellow. Instead of letting these bottles end up in our landfills, he turns them into reusable drinking glasses that have a sentimental feeling to them. Check out his Etsy store, I am sure that he would be glad to create a custom order for you. Did you have a rockin' party last week and you want to make some souvenirs?

This shop is great because it is not only keeping trash out of the landfill and turning that trash into art that is REALLY awesome and cute, but they are donating their profits to a great children's cause.

You will find hundreds of other people on Etsy and other sites who are doing great things with everyday items. Check them out!


  1. Those glasses are soooooo neat! Thanks for introducing me to them!!

  2. Great finds, I love the creativity of Etsians

  3. I really like it when people reuse materials in a pleasing aesthetic way, which takes away from the immediacy of the item being made of recycled materials. That's when I'm really interested in the item. Great blog post!