Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finally Found Homeschoolers!

My husband and I have been considering homeschooling our son for a few years now. Now, that he is getting closer to school age, I have been looking for a local homeschool group.

It seems like it has been the topic of alot of conversations I have had with other moms lately. I know that because of Chris' career and the fact we will continue to move frequently.

Andy will always be ahead or behind. He will also always be "the new kid". I know what that feels like. It is such a lonely place to be and I don' t ever want him to feel that.

It seems like the teachers only teach what the kids need to know to pass whatever fad test they are handing out that year and not actual life skills kids will need to function on their own in the big world.

There are too many kids and not enough teachers to give the attention kids really need. Too much busy work and not enough hands on experiences.

I also see that Andrew has such a short attention span that it won't be long before some teacher wants me to give him medication so he will "pay attention". I don't think that is the answer.

So, in order to avoid ALL of that, we will be homeschooling him.

So onto how I found my local group. I decided I needed to organize my office. I posted some office supplies on ( a great website to find new owners for the stuff you don't want or become an owner of someone else's stff and keep it out of the landfill). That day I got a response that someone wanted my stuff and it was a homeschool mom who lives right down the street from me. How awesome!

She gave me lots of information of the local group and the activities that they do. I am super excited! YEAH! Can you see me clapping?

So, hopefully soon Andy will be making new friends and I will too!

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  1. Wonderful reasons to decide to homeschool. I wonder who the homeschooler in town was? We have 3 families who homeschool on my street.

    Welcome to town and the group !