Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay. Well. I do not know where to begin today. It has already been one of those weeks and it is not even lunch time on Monday.

Dear son. I love him SO much. He is so smart and creative and always busy. I thought today, since it was just my darling kiddo and me, that we might go to the aquarium.

We go to the Aquarium several times a week. We have a year-long membership and we try to get our money out of it. It is great for burning off dear son's excess energy. Maybe, I should have gotten him out the door earlier and we could have avoided this.....

So. Instead of going to the Aquarium to see cute fish and dolphins, we are off to Wally World to get a new vaccum filter. Again. To replace the one I just clogged cleaning up this powder you see on the floor. Again.

You see this is not the first time I have gone through this. I should have learned, but what can I say. Any brains I had, shot out of me on the day this kid was born.

The bottle he is holding is one that I just bought last week to replace the bottle he dumped all over his bedroom TWO weeks ago.

So, if you see a red headed kid running around grabbing his rashy can assume he is mine. Because, I won't be buying him any more powder. EVER.

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  1. Oh goodness girl, sounds like my Mr. Q. Everything in my house is like 3 foot high or higher, gated, or locked. Or I would never ever make it through a single day with an almost 3 year old and a 1 year old too.

    Been there done that !