Monday, March 30, 2009

It's just another MANIC Monday....

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope your day went well. This has been a busy week for my family and me.

Today was supposed to be smooth sailing...I was going to take dear son to the Aquarium on our weekly visit. On the way there, I was hoping to ship some packages to customers. Then on the way home, do the weekly grocery shopping. And casually make a beautiful dinner for the fam.

So much for supposed to be. And so much for those plans.

This is how it all really went down.

Wake up - late. Dear husband's alarm went off one hour later than usual. So, this messed up our morning routine a little. Then after he leaves, I head to the office to package orders and realize that ONE pattern is completely missing. Causing me not to be able to fill a few orders as promptly as I normally do. Gee whiz. I did not notice that I only received part of my inventory. Call supplier and let them know...they are sending a new package. Thank goodness I will be able to get everything out the door by Wednesday. I am still completely feeling dumb.

By this time, I look at the time and realize that I need to go to the grocery store. And suddenly remember I don't have a vehicle to go to the store. Well, I do. But, as usual it was supposed to go to the shop last night and we forgot to drop it off. Gee whiz again. Call hubby real quick. "Hey meet me at the shop on your lunch break so you can give us a ride sorry".

Our family is not whole unless we have one vehicle in the shop at all times. It has become a Sunday night ritual to drop a car off at the shop. Not only did I not drop the car off, I forgot to buy coupons! Holy cow! What am I thinking. No Sunday coupons. So, I guess this madness started yesterday?

Then I get home and start to do laundry and realize the knob to the dryer is busted. Completely. So, I call the dryer's maker and request a replacement. $42.00!!! For one plastic knob. That I have to have and they know it. FINE. Put that on the credit card...along with everything else.

Oh well. At least I have been able to find a solution to everything that happened. It could always be worse.

Sunday was GREAT. We were able to take dear son to an Easter Egg Hunt on the base. He had a blast. That is something we have not been able to do much of due to hubby's frequent deployments. It is nice to have him home for holiday celebrations.
As for the fabric shop, we are SUPER excited. Our newest fabrics will be arriving any day now. We will be receiving several bolts from Robert Kaufman's Mod Quilting Line called "Hot Blossom".

This is all 100 percent Kona Cotton fabric and will be so awesome in a quilt. I cannot wait to see what I can create with all of this colorful fabric. It seems very "retro". Here are two of my favorites...I will add more later.

Or you can view the entire line here...

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