Friday, March 4, 2011

Ready for Spring

You may have noticed a huge gap in postings.

The last few months have been very full. The end of 2010 brought 85 work weeks at my job outside of CGC, which left little time for my little quilt and fabric shop.

The holidays were very sad, as my step-father lost his battle with Cancer and my father-in-law lost his battle with MS. My son had Scarlett Fever in January and was very sick during that time. February brought a fourth ear surgery, tonsillectomy, and adnoidectomy for my son as well. He is recovering slowly, but he will be fine.

We are sad at the loss of two very important people in our lives. But, our fathers wanted us to lives our lives to the fullest and enjoy our dreams.

So, we are clearing the clutter of our lives and refocusing our efforts. Spring cleaning and clearance pricing at CGC is underway, making room for new and fresh inventory and new creations that we hope will bring much joy to their recipients.

We will be listing several awesome new patterns from ModKid Boutique, Amy Butler, and many other favorite designers.

We are looking forward to several beautiful fabric shipments at the end of Spring as well.

Everyday is a new opportunity to create and inspire. Handmade gifts are an awesome way to give a true piece of yourself to someone you love.

What will YOU create this year?

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